Responsive Web Design – A Critical Feature of Websites!

The significance of responsive websites is the need of the hour as the number of Smartphone and tablets increases rapidly. Again, if SEO is the essential feature of your online marketing strategy, a mobile friendly website is more than necessary. Mobile sales are much ahead of desktop sales and this trend also speak in favor of a responsive web design for your website. Let us analyse more reasons for a mobile friendly website for your business.


Responsive web design automatically adjusts to whatever screen size they require to. Most of the renowned custom website design service today knows that websites should be compatible with desktop and mobile friendly. Accessibility is the priority of Click SEO Melbourne when it reminds everyone that website must be responsive in design.


Website design company Melbourne favors responsive design for your websites. The reason is simple. It is because Google has said so. Google directs web designers with a number of requirements for websites to improve their search engine visibility. Google directs all websites to be responsive or else collapse. A responsive web design can boost the search engine ranking of your website. It will lead to more leads and business through your website. Hence, along with accessibility, you should give priority to your website promotion and thus a responsive design is essential.


Simplicity is another feature when mobile friendly websites are designed by website design company Melbourne. You don’t have to develop two website or have two separate URLs to own a responsive website. It is one but adapts to any screen on which it is opened. Again, responsive websites are user friendly and easy to use.

Click SEO Melbourne is an expert custom website design service specialised in designing responsive websites. To know more about responsive designs and our services, contact us today.